List of Lost Contacts

Bob Bellwood & Peter Tovey

MT Troop 13 Sig Regt
Looking for you MT Troop 1970-1976 Mark Burton.
21/02/2018 14:47:15

Christine Roberts

WRAC Intelligence Corps
She married Geoff Roberts a Signalman Around 1971. Lost touch when I leftover to marry Brian
18/03/2017 18:46:35

Sgt Terry McGrath

Int Corp
I served with Terry in Sennelarger during 1979/ 81 with NITAT. I was a Naval Petty Officer and we were responsible for trading Cop photographic skills.
16/02/2017 09:35:33

Raymond B. Francis

Royal Signals
Sgt. TE Tech 1976 on aka Brasso.
18/10/2016 13:59:21

Charlie Macdonald

royal signals 13 signals 224squad Birgelen
1961,If anyone knows of Charlie Macdonald my tennis doubles partner who won the BAOR open tennis championship with me please contact me.I would love to know if he is still around.
29/04/2016 19:15:12

Terry McGrath

Intelligence Corps
Trained and served with me 1968-70, I then returned to Ashford.
David Smith -
26/04/2016 18:12:18

Teresa Mcguigan

Teresa served as a Medic/Nurse at 13 in 1973, posted to Army Air Corps, Middlewallop near Salisbury in 1974, married a guy called Marsh, that's the last info I have. Gary "Fingers" Rumfitt.
24/03/2016 14:00:49

Andy and Betty Roberts

Intelligence Corps
Together at 13 in 1962 then 9 in 1964/65/66 then again on 9 in 1983. David and Jacqueline Wilson
27/02/2016 19:12:47

Dave Lang (Sgt )

Royal Signals
Last known to be serving at 13 Signal Regt Birgelen; Served with Liz (Lowe) on "Quicksilver" Recruiting Team in 1972. I would love to know your journey through life so far.
18/02/2016 14:52:39

Sue (Susan) Rennie

Royal Corps Of Signals
Served at Birgelen in 1967/1968 where we met and I fell in Love. I ended up a civilian but would love to know what happened over a lifetime to Sue. Tom Waller (DJ NAFFI)
29/01/2016 22:06:18

Colin Knapman

Royal Navy
Trying to trace Colin Knapman (Ex Leading Radio Operator). I believe is served with Colin on HMS Bulwark, as a young radio operator. Trying to find him. Jimmy Green (Ex Leading Radio Operator)
22/06/2015 08:50:36

Roger Phipps

13 Signal Regt
About 1969 to 1971 'B' Troop
John Pryer
22/06/2015 01:23:57

ron collins

royal signals
anyone know the whereabouts of wo2(rgms)ron Collins who was in 9 sigs circa 1973.finished up as a major.require him for a reunion
11/05/2015 16:29:08