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Carol Fiskel and Shirley Motion
Andy Riddell and  Jack Fiskel MBE
Andy and Jack on the Torquay Snail Zug!
Pat Hickman's offering. Didn't she as always, do well.
BVA surprise gift presented to  Uschi and Fred
Cyril and Kath presented with their surprise gift. Chris Ferneaux looking on.
The Presidents table
Rod Maunder, Peter Westwell, Helen Westwell and Helen Neal
Tom Neal, Sylvia Maunder, Rod Maunder, Peter Westwell and Helen Neal
Helen and Tom Neal
Presentation of gratuities to the hotel staff by Shirley Motion and Sheila Geere
Shirley Motion
Alistair Dengate, Dave and Sheila Geere
Two of our staunch supporters.Mick Moby and Alistair Dengate
Mike and Sister Kathleen Federl and Agnes and Bill Grieve
Margaret and Leslie Hicks and Jenny Cunningham
Peter Cunningham, Ann and Peter Meadows
Carol Fiskel
I know Gwen but have you noticed my new shoes.
Ron Miller, Mike and Kathleen Federl and others
Carol and Andy having a quiet snooze
You may be the dab hand with the camera, but waych my international turns!
Jennie Milford and Richard Noon
Shirley explaining the intricacies of digital cameras to Taff

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