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This Year's Reunion and AGM will be held at The Cavendish Hotel Torquay on the weekend of 26th - 29th September.Bookings are now open. (Click here)
To all those members who attended last year's reunion, thank you for making it such an enjoyable weekend. We hope that Mick and I can do as well as Fred and Cyril, we know we can rely on their help if we need it. Once again thank you to everyone and hope to see you later this year.
Keith Clarke (Chairman)

This site is primarily for the benefit of its members. It facilitates contact between
those who served with: 1 Wireless Regiment, Munster, 13th Signal Regiment
(Radio) Birgelen and their sub-units. Application for membership
of the association is open to all personnel and their families.
It exists to imbue the family tradition of the Regiment
and to render support as best it can.
Whether you
wish to join us or just browse, please feel free,
but we do ask that you place an entry
in our Guest Book below to
record your visit.
Thank you.

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This years nominated charity
14th Annual Reunion
26th - 29th Sept 2014
Cavendish Hotel, Torquay
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The Association was granted Affiliated membership of the Royal Signals Association
 on the 04 April 2003.

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